Our missions

IDMIT is a Research and Technological Center, providing the scientific community with exceptional resources for:

  • studying and understanding infectious diseases,
  • developing and evaluating innovative preventive and therapeutic strategies.

The co-founders partners, all international leaders in the field of research into host pathogen interactions, provide complementary expertise with outstanding core facilities for monitoring diseases, treatments and prevention in relevant animal models of human infections. Tools already developed by the partners are extended with state-of-the-art equipments and standardized assays.

The center is also fostering research programs for the development of new models of human infection and for refinement of the use of animals and reductions of the number of animals required for experimental medicine. There are already and will be new programs on assays standardization and harmonization, non invasive methods (telemetry, in vivo imaging), animal training and in silico modeling. A Biological Resource Center has been created in partnership with our industrial partner with Bertin Pharma.

The major objective of this consortium is to provide the national and international scientific community with a highly competitive infrastructure for preclinical research, facilitating the discovery of markers of safety and efficacy for new vaccines and treatments and accelerating the translation of innovations at the bench into clinical practice.

The center provides to external partners, including public academic institutions and private companies, with access to its core facilities, for the achievement of their R&D projects, the testing of new products, the development of prototypes and the performance of pilot studies. This is done in accordance with quality assurance requirements for future industrialization and release onto the market. Quality criteria will be met with the assistance of Bertin Pharma, a company specialized in assay standardization and quality insurance.

Finally, the IDMIT center is an attractive site for training and teaching in the fields of “preclinical research” and “technological developments”, through the contribution of its founder partners, including the Institut Pasteur and Université Paris-Sud 11, which are themselves highly reputed teaching institutions.

IDMIT develops new non-human primate (NHP) preclinical models and monitors core facilities, equipments and transversal tools to evaluate:

– new vaccines,
– new therapies,
– microbicides,
– adjuvants of immunity,
– innovative delivery approaches.

against several human pathogens:

– Alphaviruses,
– Flaviviruses,
– Influenza/Flu,
– Tuberculosis,
– Malaria,
– Human STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases).


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