About us


Co-founder partners

  • CEA, DRF/JACOB/IDMIT Joint Research Unit 1184
  • Institut Pasteur,
  • University Paris-Sud/Paris-Saclay,
  • ANRS,
  • OncoDesign Company

CEA, the teams of the Fundamental Research Division(DRF) at the CEA have demonstrated their ability to combine their skills and infrastructures to focus on issues of importance to society, such as Energy and Health. Through fundamental research in biology, physics and chemistry, the basic research division (DRF or CEA Sciences) strongly contributes to all of CEA research programs in many fields of expertise, from renewable and nuclear energy, to health, lasers, micro and nanotechnology. Within the Jacob Institute, the IDMIT Department IDMIT carries out internationally recognized cutting-edge research on human infectious diseases, including in particular those caused by HIV, emerging viruses, bacteria, parasites  and has unique expertise in the use of non-human primate (NHP) models. The IDMIT teams make major contributions to several international research networks and to national and European research programmes.

Institut Pasteur is an international leader for research into infectious diseases, to which it devotes almost half its resources. It has placed its scientific expertise in this domain and in vaccination at the disposal of this project. It also contributes its knowledge and experience in the use of animal models of human diseases. With its internationally renowned teaching activities, Institut Pasteur also makes a major contribution to the training activities implemented within this infrastructure.

University Paris-Sud/Paris-Saclay houses many medicine, pharmacy and science faculty laboratories, together with highly respected laboratories working in the domains of the physics, and fundamental and structural chemistry, of infectious diseases. This research focuses, in particular, on the control mechanisms governing host-pathogen interactions both in vitro and in vivo, and clinical research on human cohorts. The university is also involved in other excellence initiatives, such as LERMIT (laboratory of excellence in the domain of research on drugs and innovative treatments, particularly for infectious diseases).

INSERM, the French National Health and Medical Research Institute, is responsible for biomedical research. Its Institute of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases is responsible for co-ordinating studies on infectious diseases, vaccine biology and prevention strategies. The principal goals of the IMMI are to support research on viruses, bacteria and parasites and to characterise human infectious diseases through studies of host-pathogen relationships, anti-infection agents and vaccine escape. This research requires appropriate facilities for studying NHPs, at a suitable confinement level, to strengthen investigations of the fundamental mechanisms underlying infectious diseases, their transmission and innovative therapeutic and preventive strategies.

ANRS, The French National Agency for Research on AIDS and Viral Hepatitis, has strongly supported NHP models of AIDS research in the last 25 years, funding research projects as well as animal facilities at Institut Pasteur and CEA. In 2007, ANRS urged leading investigators from these institutions to constitute a unique steering committee of their animal facilities as well as a scientific committee to promote interactions between basic, clinical and pre-clinical aspects of AIDS research. Thus, the ANRS Group “NHP Models for AIDS Research” paved the way for the IDMIT. Since then, ANRS has funded 30 peer-reviewed NHP research projects, including vaccine studies. In addition to its contributions to IDMIT as a founder partner, the ANRS will support all research programs eligible for grants. Bertin Pharma, a service company, supplies a large range of preclinical and clinical services for R&D for drug candidates, in a quality environment (GLP, Good Laboratory Practice; GMP, Good Manufacturing Practice, GDP, Good Distribution Practice ) or with high levels of security (levels 2 and 3).

OncoDesign (BertinPharma historically) and CEA have established a functional private/public sector partnership that has functioned effectively for more than 20 years. Through their common platform, “PharmImmune”, they provide access to diverse cell and animal models and immunomonitoring solutions for evaluating the efficacy of biodistribution and/or the safety of new therapeutic approaches. In addition to its skills in the development and validation of new tools and as an industrial operator, OncoDesign provides expertise for contract management and quality assurance projects. OncoDesign is  the operating manager of the Biological Center IDMIT facility, and is in charge of monitoring the certification of IDMIT’s Quality Management System (ISO9001).

Financial contributors, IDMIT has also benefited from various financial contributions to acquire state-of-the-art equipment for its technology platforms.