The “FlowCyTech” core facility supports your discovery process from panel design to data analysis with conventional multiparameter, Mass cytometry and innovative high-end solutions.




– BD Fortessa (5 lasers; 18 fluorescence detectors)

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– BD LSRII (4 lasers; 13 fluorescence detectors)

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– BD FACSCanto II (3 lasers; 8 fluorescence detectors)

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Cell sorting in BSL 3 conditions

BD FACSAria (3 lasers; 8 fluorescence detectors)

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Available softwares

  • FlowJo 9, Tree Star
  • FlowJo X, Tree Star
  • Infinicyt, Cytognos
  • Cytobank, Cytobank
  • GemStone, Verity Software House
  • SPICE, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases


  • Development of flow cytometry based immune-assays
  • Execution of flow cytometry-based immune assays in the context of the IDMIT center and as a service for external users
  • Dissemination of knowledge related to flow-cytometry with the aim to promote harmonization and standardization between different laboratories
  • Development of innovative analysis tools
  • Assistance in data analysis


MASS CYTOMETRY: Cytometry by Time of Flight (CyTOF)


Innovative mass cytometry technology was recently upgraded to the portfolio of the FlowCyTech platform. The mass cytometer (Helios Mass Cytometry, Fluidigm, USA) runs jointly by the CEA, Paris-Sud University and Bertin Pharma.

Investissements d'avenir



– BD FACSAria (3 lasers; 8 fluorescence detectors)

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– FlowCyTech can assist all collaborators in data analysis using cutting edge analysis software and home-developped Batlab solution (see “Bioinformatics”)