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Scientific/technological events-2018

–> Symposium «One Health / Une seule santé», programme et concept, au prisme des sciences humaines et sociales

Le projet « One health : un monde, une seule santé » (1health) est l’un des neuf projets labellisés et financés par la région Ile de France, dans le cadre de sa politique de recherche. Il vise à renforcer la thématique infectiologie humaine et animale en Île-de-France, notamment en vaccinologie, et l’intégration d’une dimension sociale et économique à la santé. Ce projet scientifique d’envergure cible les actions développant simultanément les axes dépistage-surveillance-traitement-prévention-prédiction, tout en prenant en compte la demande sociétale.

Prenant au sérieux la dimension sociale de la santé et le besoin de réflexivité, le DIM One Health propose, dans cette journée d’étude, de s’interroger sur la construction de la notion d’ « une seule santé », avec les horizons mais aussi les injonctions qu’elle ouvre et de montrer ce que les sciences humaines et sociales peuvent apporter au débat commun, à travers trois axes transversaux  (« Une seule santé ? Epistémologie d’une notion », « controverses en santé publique » et « circulation des crises, des pathogènes et des médecines) et une table ronde.


19 Octobre 2018


Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle, Grand Amphithéâtre, Paris, France




–> Mass Cytometry Day (2018)

On the 21st  of March,  the French Cytometry Association (AFC) will organized at Pasteur Institute (Paris/France) the the Mass Cytometry Day.

Find all information, registration form and the scientific program on the, site.


Scientific/technological events-2017


–> Annual Meetings of the French Society for Immunology and the French Cytometry Association (2017)

From 7 to 9 November 2017 will be held at Reims (France) the Annual Meeting of the French Society for Immunology (SFI), co-organized with French Cytometry Association (AFC).

Find all information, registration form and the scientific program on the, site.

–> IDMIT and ANRS joint Symposium (2017)

IDMIT and ANRS organize, after the IAS2017 conference “HIV Science” in Paris, a workshop about Non-Human Primate Models of HIV infection which will be located at the new IDMIT facilities (CEA, 18 route du Panorama,  92265, Fontenay-aux-Roses, France), on the 27th of July 2017. The aim is to discuss current and future challenges for the non-human primate studies in the understanding of HIV evolution, pathogenesis, treatment and prevention.

The program includes two keynote lectures by:

  •  Dr Neil Almond – The National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC), UK: “Attenuated SIV vaccines: an EU collaborative study with NHP models of HIV”
  • Dr. Roger Le Grand – IDMIT, France: “IDMIT infrastructure: A focus on EU HIV preclinical programs”, the visit of the new IDMIT in vivo imaging and animal facilities and a parallel poster session throughout the day.

Also, a visit of the new IDMIT in vivo imaging and animal facilities and a parallel poster session will be organized throughout the day.

For Inscriptions and Informations, please contact Isabelle Mangeot (


 –> INSERM Workshop 247 “Advances in cytometry” (2017)

A two phases INSERM workshop dedicated to “Flow, mass, spectral cytometry and analysis tools for mutliparametric data analysis” will be held in September (Phase I – Critical Assessment/25-27 September in Bordeaux/France) and October (Phase II – Technical Workshop/October at different location in France).  For more informations (detailed program and registration) click here!

Next International conference on HIV Science (IAS 2017, Paris)

From the 23rd to the 26th of July 2017, at the Palais des Congrès in Paris (France), the International AIDS Society (IAS) in partnership with the ANRS (France Recherche Nord & Sud Sida-HIV Hépatites)  will organize the next biennial scientific conference on HIV and AIDS related issues. IDMIT researchers will present their recent results, with whom you will have the opportunity to exchange.

Find all information and the preliminary program on the, site.


11th I-REIVAC scientific meeting “Vaccination and Tropical or Emerging Infectious Diseases” (Paris, 2017)

I-REIVAC (Innovative Clinical Research Network in VACcinology), is the only French network for clinical research in vaccinology. Under the aegis of the ITMO Public Health (AVIESAN), it has been labeled a network of excellence within the framework of the F-CRIN project. Friday 24th March 2017 (FHF-Fédération Hospitalière de France,1 bis rue Cabanas 75014 Paris), I-REIVAC will organize a meeting day around “Vaccination and Tropical or Emerging Infectious Diseases”. The morning will be dedicated to the Zika virus, when Malaria will be treated during the afternoon.

Find all information and the preliminary program on the, site.


First day dedicated to Mass Cytometry  (Paris, 2017)

Thursday 2nd February 2017, the French Association in Cytometry (AFC) will organize a Mass Cytometry specific day.  It will take place down Paris (France) at the Cochin Institute. This day will be the occasion for the 6 French core-laboratories equipped with CyTOF instrument to present their research domains and activities involving Mass Cytometry. IDMIT researchers have been invited to give lectures.



Workshop: “Imaging of infection and inflammation

National infrastructures in biology and health “France Life Imaging” (FLI) and “Infectious Diseases Models for Innovative Therapies” (IDMIT) are pleased to invite you on 3 and 4 may 2016 at the Pasteur Institute in Paris to a workshop on “Imaging of infection and inflammation” with an axis on Imaging agents, notably for clinical applications.

This workshop is aimed to establish i) a state of the art of current developments, ii) the needs of clinicians and of industrials (markers, targets, instrumentation, clinical needs…) and thus lead to set guidelines to support, bring a community together and encourage collaborations.
At least three thematic sessions will be offered:

–> molecular agents,

–> detection of the infectious agent,

–> inflammatory markers;

Roundtables will be held to discuss the needs and opportunities for infection and inflammation in the industry and in the clinic.

A call for papers is launched: we invite you to suggest an oral communication or a poster before April 15, 2016. Registration is free and compulsory until April 27.

Find all information and the preliminary program on the, site.



IDMIT is associated to the the third nTAÏDA Workshop on Flow Cytometry, organized in Paris (November 6th) will focus on “Flow Cytometry standardization and automation”. For more informations click here.



Post-doctoral positions


post-doctoral position in IDMIT-Imaging of mucosal tissue in NHP

status: close

Doctoral position


Veterinary position


Veterinary position in IDMIT- Animal Science

status: close

Master position


Stage Animal Science Welfare

status: open

Engineer position


A 36 months engineer position to install and drive a PET-Scan system

status: close

Technician position