IDMIT has considerable expertise and skills in viral and bacterial pathogenesis, chemoprophylaxis (microbicides, pre- and post-exposure prophylaxis), efficacy analysis of vaccines and innovative therapies, using NHP models of human infections.

IDMIT partners, all international leaders in the field of research into host-pathogen interactions, provide complementary expertise with outstanding platforms for monitoring diseases, treatments and prevention in relevant animal models of human infections.

In addition to state-of-the-art equipment of core labs of IDMIT infrastructure, the unit is investing efforts in three major technological developments: New animal models for immunology and infections in humans, advanced approaches for complex phenotyping (CyTOF), and new technologies for in vivo imaging.

Highly innovative technologies, such as multiparametric cell phenotyping, mass cytometry and in vivo imaging of the immune system and pathogens, are developed, building on the expertise of the founder members in infectious disease models. IDMIT also beneficits of the existing facilities on the CEA-Fontenay-aux-Roses site and the know-how of the Molecular Imaging Research Center (MIRCen).

Together, nine different and complementary technological laboratories constitute the core facilities of IDMIT.

Four are under the responsability of the CEA:

  • “Immunology & infectiology”,
  • “FlowCyTech”,
  • “Infection & Immunity imaging”,
  • “Animal science”,
  • “Informatics & Bioinformatics”,
  • “Immuno-Monitoring”.

The three last are managed by Oncodesign Services, our private co-founder partner:

  • “Biological Resource Center”,
  • “Quality Assurance”,
  • “Private/Public Relationships”.

The detailed description of our areas of expertise is presented below.