IDMIT core facilities

The IDMIT technological and research center covers an area of more than 4690 square meters, housing research laboratories and monitoring platforms in BSL2 and BSL3 containment conditions, together with facilities for non-human primates, suitable for experimental infection with class 2 and class 3 human pathogens, including the agents of transmissible respiratory diseases.

Technology platforms and research laboratories are present both on the CEA site at Fontenay-au-Roses (preclinical models) but also on the Kremlin-Bicêtre hospital site (south suburb of Paris), allowing a close and privilege proximity with a clinical environment.

The center provides external partners, including public academic institutions and private companies, with access to its facilities, for the achievement of their R&D projects, the testing of new products, the development of prototypes and the performance of pilot studies, in accordance with quality assurance requirements for future industrialization and release onto the market. Quality criteria (Certification for ISO 9001-2015 obtained in July 2017, and renewed in 2020) is met with the assistance of a Quality manager from OncoDesign, a company specializing in assay standardization and quality assurance.

Highly innovative technologies, such as mass cytometry and in vivo imaging (MRI, PET-CT, bi-photonic microscopy) of the host (non-human primates) and pathogens (viruses, bacteria, parasites) are developed, building on the expertise of the founder members in infectious disease models, existing facilities on the site and the know-how of the Molecular Imaging Research Center. A  Center of Biological Resources (CRB) has been be created. IDMIT also develops its own LIMS (BatLab) to respond to the researchers and Technology platforms requests.

The major objective of this consortium is to provide the national and international scientific community with a highly competitive infrastructure for preclinical research, facilitating the discovery of markers of safety and efficacy for new vaccines and treatments and accelerating the translation of innovations from the bench into clinical practice.

The detailed technological offers of IDMIT’s platforms is shown here.